Important Dates

• Registration opens June 15 and closes July 15, 2019.  (contact the Registrar if after this date )

• Tryouts – Varsity  7/30,  8/1,  8/6,  8/8  6-8pm and 8/3  9:30-11:30am at Bullis Park.    Modified – 8/6 & 8/8 6-8pm at Bullis Park. (all modified players make a team)

• August Tues/Thurs 6-8pm – required practices at Bullis Park.  Saturdays for varsity at Bullis Park.

• September-October league games.

2 thoughts on “Important Dates

    • Hi. players have to attend at least one tryout, but are encourage to make all if possible.
      Scarlet Knights

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